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Top landscaping and lawn care services in Beloit and the surrounding area. 

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Lawn Care Services

Professional lawn care and landscaping services from a team where keeping lawns green has been a lifetime trade.


Our Projects

Golf courses, residential homes, commercial properties—our stripes are everywhere.

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Why Choose Us?

We've been landscaping since before we could drive. No other company has our eye for lawn care, and we've proved it time and time again.

What our clients have to say

Elite Lawn Care in Beloit

Superior landscapers, beautiful lawns

It’s the middle of July in Wisconsin, and your air conditioner’s broken. Instead of sitting in stuffy stale air, you decide to bring a phone and a speaker and a cold drink outside, and enjoy the day.

As you open the door to your backyard, you realize you forgot to mow. You cringe, ready for an overgrown, dry lawn.

You come outside into the backyard. It’s green, and freshly-cut. Trimmed incredibly fine around the edges. Soft diagonal stripes go across it.

Oh, right. You hired Superior Stripes. They took care of everything.

Now, you can take care of you. You pull up a chair, put on your favorite playlist, crack a cold drink, and Summer in Wisconsin doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Beloit Lawn Care Services

Superior Stripes Services

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Mowing Services

Like a haircut, but for shrubs. Shaping services designed to keep your bushes looking clean and full.

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Winter Services

Snow is for sledding, not for shovelling. Call us when Old Man Winter comes, and we'll take care of the snow removal, so you can have some fun.

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Spring & Fall Cleanup

They call it Fall for a reason—you can call us for the same one. We'll take care of excess leaves and make sure your lawn is free of any other debris.

Residential & commercial lawns,
if you can dream it, we can do it.
Our WOrk
Commercial Projects

We’ve served a variety of businesses across the area—and this is just the beginning.


1717 Milton Ave.


1740 Center Ave.


2519 Kettering St.


1933 W Court St.


1901 Prairie Ave.


910 Broad St.


1531 Madison Rd.


3225 Prairie Ave.

Wisconsin Knife Works

2505 Kennedy Dr.

Body Shock

2900 Graybill Dr.

Meris Cleaners

917 4th St.

Dr. Johnson Dental Office

918 Park Ave. Plaza

Illinois Water

633B Progressive Ln.

Faith Church

1305 Blackhawk Blvd.

Top Lawn Mowing in Beloit

Superior Stripes Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Services

It’s what put us on the map.  

Our lawn mowing services are some of the best in Beloit, and are carried out by professional teams crewed by landscapers who have a genuine passion for lawncare.  

We’ll leave your lawn fresh, well-groomed, and if you’d like, with the iconic Superior Stripes, so people know you got a quality job.

Commercial Landscaping in Beloit

Quality Commercial
Lawn Care

They say the number one rule in business is location, location, location. 

So what does your location look like when somebody drops by?  

With Superior Stripes, you’ll have experienced and professional year-round services performed by Beloit landscaping experts. From powerful and expedient snow removal in the Winter, to dedicated and careful landscaping lawn care services in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, with Superior Stripes, you get it all. 

Call today, and get your business the annual landscaping team it deserves.

Leading Beloit Snow Removal

Superior Stripes Winter Services

Truck With Snowplough Cleaning Road By Removing Snow From Road

Snow Plow Services

Some people love snow in Wisconsin—most people aren’t a fan of it if they can’t get out of their driveway.  

If you’ve been snowed in and it’s too big of a job for the old shovel and blower, don’t sweat it. Call our Beloit snow plow team, and we’ll send someone over to help dig you out. All you have to do is sit back, make some hot chocolate, and enjoy a wonderful Wisconsin Winter’s day.

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How can we help?

Let’s make your lawn fresh, green, and beautiful—let’s make it superior.

Why Choose Us
100% transparency between us and our clients

In lawn care, it’s hard to hide a bad job—the evidence is usually all over the yard. We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t great at what we did. And we are.  

Our landscaping crews have performed successful lawn care services across Beloit and its surrounding area, for businesses, homes, private properties, and more.  

We’d like to offer our services to you, now.  If you’re looking for a dedicated, experience team who can deliver superior services, you just found them.

OUr Service Area

Lawn Care for Beloit and Beyond

Fresh, vibrant green grass, trimmed to perfection, and stripes that showcase to your neighbors and passersby that you care about your lawn. South Beloit and the surrounding areas deserve a lawn care service provider that genuinely cares—which is exactly why Superior Stripes was founded & here to help the people of South Beloit.

We’re just a call away.

Beloit Leaf Removal And More

Superior Stripes Spring & Fall Services

Leaf Removal Services

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing and the air is starting to get crisp, it’s a time of change but that doesn’t mean that your lawn has to change form being the vibrant and put together yard it is. 

Our Beloit leaf removal services are here to help you maintain your lawn all year round. That means once the leaves start falling, our team is there hauling them away asap. Say hello to fall and goodbye to dead leaves.

Trust Us with your lawn

Our company values

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100% Trustworthy

Your lawn is a big deal. Having a lawn care service you can trust is a must, which is why Superior Stripes is always honest about the work we do & how we do it.

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Affordable Pricing

A beautiful lawn doesn't have to break the bank. Our excellent lawn care services are top-notch but affordable. Everyone deserves a beautiful lawn.

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High Quality Results

The best of the best, a cut above the rest, our name is Superior Stripes after all. Our services are done with hard work which yields the best results, each and every time.